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Some commonly asked questions:

Vaccinations: What about vaccinations? Can my cat stay if their vaccinations are not up to date?

We only accept cats that have current F3 or higher vaccinations and have been vaccinated at least week prior to arriving at Cats Cottage.  A current vaccination certificate is to be verified on arrival. Please also be aware that kittens require 2 or 3 shots before they are fully vaccinated. We also do not accept 2 and 3 yearly vaccinations. Vaccinating is both a council and Animals Act requirement of all boarding facilities so unfortunately we are not flexible on this.


Outdoor Areas: What are these balconies and outdoor areas you mention?

Cats Cottage is the only cattery in the Latrobe Valley that offers their feline residents their own outdoor areas. Each cat staying at Cats Cottage has their own balcony/outdoor area which is accessed via their own cat door. This means cats can lay outside and soak up the sun and fresh, country air rather than being cooped up inside the whole time like other catteries. And for those that say their cat in only an indoor cat... well we haven't found a cat yet that hasn't made their way outside at some stage. And just to be clear, there is no mixing of cats, each area is their own personal area!


Own Toys/Bedding: Can I bring my cat's favourite toys and/or bedding?

Absolutely. In fact, we encourage it. Anything that will make your cat feel more at home or more comfortable will make their stay much more enjoyable. We find familiar smells from home helps to settle in a nervous cat.


Food: What will my cat be eating? What if my cat has a favourite food?

All our feline guests are fed twice daily. In the morning they are given dry food and in the evening they are given wet food (this can be varied if need be). We stock Whiskas, Iams dry food and Whiskas wet. If your cat has a particular brand it likes or a prescription diet, then you are encouraged to bring along food for the duration of your cat's stay. We also has a fridge/freezer for cold foods! Just be aware that we do not discount prices if you bring your own food.


Closed Days: Will I be charged if you are closed when I want to drop-off or pick-up and I am forced to stay an extra night?

If the day we are closed is one of the days we advertise as being closed (eg. a public holiday) then yes, any additional nights necessary for you will be charged. If, however, we need to be closed for unforseen circumstances for a non-advertised day then we will not charge for one additional night. Having a young family means on occasions this does happen and we will always endeavour to inform everyone beforehand.


Mixing of Cats: Are cats allowed out of their cages or mix with other cats?

Never! Cats here at Cats Cottage we never mix with other cats and they are not allowed out to wander. If you ever see a cattery that does this you should leave immediately as it is against health regulations and simply a bad idea. Most cats do not get along with other cats, so mixing is never a good idea for obvious reasons. Even allowing cats a chance to wander one at a time is a bad idea as it is unhygienic and increases the chances of illness being spread. Only cats from the same family can be housed together.


Kittens & Older Cats: Do you take older cats or young kittens?

We do take kittens, however, it usually isn't possible to take kittens younger than 3 months as it's usually unlikely they have had all their appropriate vaccinations by that stage. But if they have then we'll happily take them. We also accept older cats too, depending on their state of health. We've had a cat as old as 25 before, so age isn't too much of an issue.


Length of Stay: Can my cat stay long-term? Will it be ok for so long?

Yes. We allow cats to stay for any length of time... days, weeks, months or even a year! We find that once a cat settles in and gets to know us (which can take a couple of nights or even a week) then the length becomes irrelevant, our job is to get them over that initial period of shock and stress at the beginning.


Extending Stays: We're going to be away longer than we expected or got held up, is this a problem?

Aside from the Christmas/New Year period, this should never a problem. Just give us a call to let us know and we'll be happy to look after your cat for longer.


Sickness: What if my cat gets sick whilst staying at Cats Cottage?

Should any problems arise during your cat's stay, we will take your cat to your usual vet (if they are local) or otherwise we have a preferred, nearby vet on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We will always call you to let you know if any serious problems arise and should any decisions be required the vets will speak to you first. Any vet bills incurred during your cat's stay are the owner's responsibility and we also have a travel fee.


Diabetes / Injections: My cat is diabetic and requires injections, will you take them?

Sorry no, we do not do injections due to liability constraints and personal choice. Other medications are generally not a problem.

Cat Flu: My cat came home sneezing, is he sick?

We like to be completely honest with all our clients, that's why we want it to be clear that no matter how well run and maintained a cattery is there is always a risk of sickness or other issues. The most common issue we face is cat flu. Vaccinating does not stop a cat getting cat flu, it merely lessens the symptoms. Even healthy cats can still be carriers of cat flu despite showing no signs and are able to infect others. Since the virus can surviv3e in the air for up to a week it means it is impossible for any cattery to stop cat flu from ever getting in. This being said, we clean daily using vet quality cleaning products and are very thorough.

Now don't let us scare you with this information! Out of the roughly one thousand cats we see each year we're unlucky if we have 3 or 4 cases of full blown cat flu. More commonly we might see a few cats sneezing with no other symptoms, which, like a human cold does not need treatment. Just some time and TLC to get over it!









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