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Normal Rates:

Number of Cats Standard Suite

Deluxe Suite

One Cat (in one pen)   -

$11 per night.

$13 per night.

Two Cats (in one pen)   -

$20 per night.

$24 per night.

Three Cats (in one pen) -

$26 per night.

$29 per night.

Four Cats (in one pen)  -

$30 per night.

$33 per night.

Long-Term Rates:

Long Term Deluxe Suite Rates:

Number of Cats Stay 15 or more nights Stay 30 or more nights
One Cat (in one pen)         - $12 per night $11 per night
Two Cats (in one pen)        - $22 per night $20 per night
Three Cats (in one pen)     - $27 per night $25 per night
Four Cats (in one pen)       - $30 per night $27 per night


Long Term Standard Suite Rates:

Number of Cats Stay 15 or more nights Stay 30 or more nights
One Cat (in one pen)        - $10 per night $9 per night
Two Cats (in one pen)       - $19 per night $18 per night
Three Cats (in one pen)    - $25 per night $23 per night
Four Cats (in one pen)      - $28 per night $25 per night

Note: All prices are inclusive of GST. Prices are subject to change without notice.



New Customer Price: For brand new customers we offer the one-off price of $9 per night, per cat with a FREE upgrade to our Deluxe pens*

*This offer not available during school holidays & Christmas/New Year (=20th December until end of January & Friday prior to all school holidays until the Monday after all holidays)



- Minimum Charge: There is a minimum charge of 2 nights. This means you can book a 1 night stay, but you will be charged for 2 nights.

- Medication: Additional 50 cents for each administration of medication.

- Vet Visits: Additional $15 per trip to take your cat to the vet if required plus vet fees (vet fees usually payable to vet).

- Own Food: Please note that we do not discount if you bring your own cat food.

- Per Night Rates: Please be aware that the prices are per night. Hence, it makes no difference what time you drop-off or pick up your cat as your total cost is calculated on the number of nights they have stayed here.


Christmas / New Year Period:

- Deluxe Suites: As the demand for deluxe suites far outnumbers our supply, we give preference to longer bookings over this period. This means it does not matter how early you ring to book, if you have a shorter booking you will likely only get a standard suite. A shorter booking means anything under 2 weeks.

- Christmas/New Year Deposits: For any booking that includes dates over Christmas and/or New Year we require a deposit at the time of booking of $50. In the case of a cancellation, this deposit is non-refundable.

- Firm Dates Required: The dates you originally book with us on the phone are the minimum dates you will be charged for. So if you pickup earlier than the date you booked you will still be charged for those nights.

- Peak Time Surcharge: From the 20th December until the 10th of January there is a peak time surcharge of $1 PER night PER cat on top of the usual prices.


Payment Policy:

- Payment type: We accept cash, cheque and credit/debit card payments. Please note that there is a $1 charge for payments made with credit/debit cards.

- Payment due: Full payment is made at the conclusion of your catís stay; however, for longer stays an initial deposit may be required. Cats will not be released until full payment is made.

- Payment before leaving: Please also be aware that full payment is required before you can pick up your cat. We will not release your cat until full payment has been received. Thank you.



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